What Employee Volunteering Do

We help companies implement dynamic and rewarding employee volunteering programmes across the UK.

As a Community Interest Company we are a non-profit organisation that reports annually on our activities to the CiC Regulator. This makes it easier for businesses and community groups to work with us towards a common aim.

Our aim to make it easy for you, give your people choice and for everyone to have a great experience. That's what creates a successful volunteering programme. We make it easy for busy employees to volunteer by removing barriers and obstacles to their participation. We deliver a great volunteering experience to ensure their time is put to great use, an important element to help ensure they volunteer again next year to help build programme momentum. We provide volunteer choice; we help volunteers make an impact for a cause in which they believe. This creates sustainability and many will go on to develop long term community relationships.

We offer the same high quality of volunteering across the UK, and across a broad range of community, conservation or environmental causes and we report on the impact on the individual, the business and the community.

Our clients large and small include Prudential, Electra Partners, Lloyds Banking Group, CA Technologies, British Gas, Lilly, Excell Group.

96% of volunteers rate their experience as excellent or good.
87% of volunteers learn something new about their community.
95% rate the team work benefits as excellent or good.
87% of charities make cost savings.
94% of charities have an increased profile.
92% of young people feel more confident after a day with a volunteer.

You and your teams could be working with:

  • Care centres and community centres
  • Young people who are not in employment, education or training
  • Schools and colleges
  • Leadership teams and the employees within UK charities
  • Those that are long term unemployed
  • Young people who want to start their own businesses or change their lives for the better
  • Older people who value a friendly face and your time and interest

And we enjoy chatting to people about what's possible over a cup of tea or coffee so please give us a call if we can help 

    Results that matter

    We deliver ease, quality and choice. That's what creates a successful volunteering programme.



    Learn about their community



    The work would not have been done



    Develop strong teams