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Responsible Business at Employee Volunteering Community Interest Company

Employee Volunteering CiC (EVCiC) was founded in 2007 and is a national volunteering service provider.  We are a Community Interest Company (CiC) with our activities focusing on benefitting the community with any profits being re-invested for the benefit of the community.  We take our responsibilities very seriously and believe in being an active member of our local communities.

We aim

  • To be a responsible business and enhance our reputation with internal and external stakeholders at local, regional and national level. To lead by example.
  • To encourage volunteering participation from our employees and those of our clients by contributing to employee’s personal and professional development and enhancing employee engagement.
  • To encourage more people to change their environment positively and sustainably.

We have decided to focus on the following areas:-


We are committed to giving something back to the community as part of our responsible business approach. We have a wealth of talent and experience within our business and we are keen to share this with the community.

All of our employees are actively involved in their local communities and many are involved also as volunteers.  We have a volunteering policy in place to support them.


We are committed to creating a working environment where:

  • we treat people as we would want to be treated ourselves
  • individuals are given the opportunity to tailor their working hours around their specific lifestyle and personal requirements
  • individual contributions are valued and where people are fully engaged and treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Our environment

We are committed to protecting our environment and we look to:

  • reduce our waste as a business
  • recycle paper wherever we can
  • monitor our business travel and promote greener transport options on all our volunteering projects
  • encourage our volunteers to change their own environments positively and sustainably.


We operate under a proper and effective governance structure to protect our contribution to our purpose, brand and to our relationships with regulators and other law makers, as well as our partners.  Our responsible business approach is discussed at our Board meetings regularly.

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