We measure the impact on people and the value

There is plenty of evidence that volunteering is good for employees and good for business, see our Media Center for useful information.

It is important that you know your specific activities make a difference, are good value for money and make good business sense. So we measure this for you. We know from previous activities that

  • 97% of volunteers said our activities help develop a strong team 
  • 95% felt that volunteering had a positive influence on them
  • 76% said it had a positive influence on how they feel about their employer
  • 87% felt that volunteering improved their understanding of issues affecting their community
  • 96% rated enjoyment as excellent or good - volunteering has to be fun!

Equally, it is important to measure the impact in the community. Again we already know that:

  • 87% of charities make cost savings.
  • 94% of charities have an increased profile.
  • 92% of young people feel more confident after a day with a volunteer.

Our reporting and what we measure is always tailored to our clients so that the informaiton we gather is useful for you.