About Us

How we started

In 2006, four successful people, from different careers, came together to create our Community Coaching Project.  It was similar to other ILM coaching programs but with a significant difference.  Instead of finding colleagues to practise their coaching on, our delegates worked with young people from their local communities who were from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The results were amazing.  Not only did our delegates achieve their ILM coaching qualification but even more importantly they helped someone to start changing their own life for the better.

We started talking to businesses about the impact that their employees could have in their local communities.  We found that there was a huge appetite to do more but businesses needed it to be easy for their employees to get involved.  We also found that an opportunity that would appeal to one employee could be different for another and so choice was an important part of the process.  The experience also had to be a great one.  Volunteers don’t tend to go back if they don’t see the value they are adding or they don’t enjoy it. We also realised that the experience had to be great for the charitable organisation or community group as our clients' brands were at stake.


Our team has grown.  We are now working with over 35 clients from the corporate sector, voluntary sector and the public sector.  Our corporate clients are all different sizes, some with over 80,000 employees and some with just one small team of people.  They have offices all over the UK and in 2015 we  delivered over 300 events, with over 7000 volunteers, in 29 different cities and towns. Many of our new clients come from recommendations from our existing clients and we are very proud of that.

The types of volunteering activities and events that we do, is always growing. Our teams do lots of gardening, decorating, coaching and befriending.  They also share their business skills with community groups, developing business/marketing/fundraising plans and it doesn’t stop there.  Each event is bespoke, to respond to the needs of the community and to fit with our clients business goals.  When you find the connection between these two things, you create a lasting impact that can be measured and we know how important that is.

And lastly, we are a team of successful business people who want to give something back to our communities. We therefore operate as a Community Interest Company and as such are regulated by the CiC Commissioner.  

Our aim is that we, with our clients, can leave a legacy in the communities we serve.