Employee Volunteering track record

We work continually with our clients to develop and evolve their volunteering programmes.  One example is when we worked with a client to increase volunteering participation from 9% to 45% over 3 years, and from 28% to 40% in 2011 alone.  Evaluation of the feedback indicated that a key factor in this success was the way we could make volunteering easy, simple and safe for volunteers, enabling employees to focus on their primary responsibilities. We continue to work with this client and evolve the programme.

97% of EVCiC client volunteers stated that their activities developed good or excellent teamwork and 98% rated their overall experience as excellent or good. 96% rated enjoyment as excellent or good and 87% stated that their volunteering event helped them gain a better understanding of issues affecting communities.

Volunteering helped 87% of charities make cost savings and 94% stated that the volunteering activities improved the profile of their charity. Skills-based projects helped 83% of young people improve their confidence in finding employment and 92% felt that the help from their volunteer was of good or excellent value to them.

We are now working with over 35 clients from the corporate sector, voluntary sector and the public sector.  Our corporate clients are all different sizes, some with over 80,000 employees and some with just one small team of people.  They have offices all over the UK and in 2015 we  delivered over 300 events, with over 7000 volunteers, in 29 different cities and towns.

Many of our new clients come from recommendations from our existing clients and we are very proud of that.  We currently deliver national volunteering support to existing clients that include Lloyds Banking Group, Prudential, Lilly, BT and British Gas.