Skills Volunteering

Skills Project - Schools

Some teams want to apply their personal and business skills to benefit the local community. In schools, The EV APPrentice Challenge enables up to 40 colleagues to work with young people in their local schools to help them develop their employability and enterprise skills.  The second part of the day they then work with the students in small groups on an enterprise project to create, design, and plan the development of a smart phone application of their choice.

Your Future, Your Money is a workshop aimed at 16-19 year olds in preparation for living independently.  It builds their understanding of financial matters such as credit scoring and shows them how to plan ahead.  Contributing towards the National Curriculum for Citizenship students develop their understanding of income and expenditure, credit and debt, savings, and financial products and services. 97% of students who attend this workshop say it has given them more information about living independently and 84% say the workshop makes them think more about their money.  Volunteers work in pairs with groups of students and use a booklet giving them the framework for the workshop.

Skills projects are tailored to your team so that the volunteering opportunity can bring as much as possible to both sides.



Skills Project - Charities

Group Corporate Affairs at Lloyds Banking Group from across the UK gathered in Bristol for their annual business conference.  They wanted to include a volunteering session to help the Bristol third sector community.

The Communty Business Forum enabled 250 colleagues to work with representatives from 28 different charities reviewing the key elements of their charity proposition. They looked at their challenges, communications, future plans, funding streams, key stakeholders and impact measurement.  The groups of business volunteers and representatives shared ideas that could help the charities move forward.  

Sharing the skills and experience that working people have, with our communities is an important part of social mobility.  Sometimes this is just about having a can-do attitude and communication skills that you have from being in an office environment.  Sometimes it is about using your specialist experience and talents. To support a charity organisation with your time can really strengthen it. You can help it grow and develop and help it achieve its goals.  Sometimes it can quite literally make the difference between prosperity and decline.